Lead Generation / Enquiry Generation

Increase your number of Enquiries

At Advance, we offer a collection of services to boost the performance of your organisation. Our team will target projects and data relevant to your products ensuring they work tirelessly to convert their marketing into tangible enquires and forward you the received Bill of Quantities/Plans or Drawings, enabling your team to return the price maximising your opportunities to convert these into orders. .

Breaking Specifications

Here at Advance Telemarketing our team have an in depth understanding of the construction process, we are experts in identifying timings for requirements and opportunities for our customer’s products. Our team will track New Build projects from start to finish allowing you the best opportunity to win orders.

If the specifications have been written, we will identify what the requirements are for your products allowing your internal sales team the best chance of breaking the specifications already written and therefore increasing your revenue.

Additional Bidders

Advance Telemarketing will go further than other telemarketing companies by forwarding you all confirmed bidders on projects allowing your sales team to send across copy quotes ensuring when the project gets to site they have your details.

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