Why construction companies don’t use outsourced telemarketing and why they should start considering it.

A couple of months ago we carried out some research on the construction industry and their thoughts on outsourcing telemarketing and lead generation to a construction specific business.

We took to social media to ask companies what they thought about telemarketing, whether they had used lead generation tools in the past and what their reasoning was/or is behind their answers.

Advance Group have put together the results in an infographic and we’ve also decided to share the reasons and what the realities could be if construction companies were to consider outsourcing their telemarketing and lead generation to a construction specific company.

First off, we go through the stats brought to light from the questions we asked regarding new business and lead generation.

70% rely on social media and/or marketing to generate leads, which may come as a surprise to you due to the current impression that the construction industry is behind when it comes to digitalisation.

Surprisingly, only 50% of those that took part use an internal sales team, 40% use or have used lead generation tools in the past, 30% would be willing to consider using outsourced telemarketing and a small proportion (10%) of companies involved in the survey have actually used, or currently use outsourced telemarketing and lead generation companies. 

Here are the results from our recent survey detailing why companies don’t use outsourced telemarketing:






As you can see there are some good reasons for companies not outsourcing their telemarketing. Whatever the reason may be, what needs to be a consideration is that outsourced telemarketing may be the right option for you, yet you have never considered it viable for the above rational.  

If you read our post on the power of outsourced lead generation and telemarketing, you’ll know that construction specific telemarketing can also be of huge benefit to construction companies across the industry.

We’ve also covered how to choose your construction telemarketing partner in a previous post, worth giving that post a read for advice on whether you should consider outsourcing your telemarketing and lead generation or continue as you are.

Last of all, if you would like to increase your sales in 2019 then check out our blog post from April 2019. Get in touch with Advance Group if you’d like to discuss how we can generate leads through construction specific telemarketing for your business.

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