You have achieved your monthly, quarterly or year-end goals, everything is going remarkably well, then you ask yourself, how do I achieve this time and time again? But more importantly, WHY? Why do I want to continue to achieve, what drives me?

I couldn’t imagine anything worse than waking up every morning, 5 snooze buttons deep thinking, ‘oh great, I have to go to work and its only Tuesday’. Keeping yourself motivated is one thing, but when it comes to leading a team and delivering as a business area motivation is one of the fundamental drivers for success. So, how do you keep yourself and more importantly your team motivated? (more…)

How does cold calling and telemarketing fit in to your sales and marketing process?

First, let me thank you for taking the time to read my first blog at Advance TM Group on why I think cold calling and telemarketing have positive impacts on the marketing and sales process.

As the Business Development Executive of Advance my role is naturally to research and find ways that will generate new business for the company outside of cold calling, such as. (more…)

2 Years: Looking Back

How many times have you heard someone say X amount of start-ups fail within the first year, and X amount more fail within the first 2?

Well, I’d heard it a number of times, this was before I even had any plans to be part of a start-up or to grow a business. It’s amazing how much more your hear it and how much scarier it is to hear when you’re about to quit a stable well paid job to become a first time entrepreneur.

Then the research starts, is this actually true?

Turns out it is very true, statistics show that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs  who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. But why? And if the reasons behind the failure are so commonly known why do they continue to so negatively affect new businesses to the point of failure? (more…)

Why are we industry specific?

I’ve had a number of people ask me the same question now, that’s “why do we only work within one industry?”. Whether it’s during a meeting or a friend showing a polite interest I give the same answer.

Simply put that answer is, because we’re great at it and our focus on Construction is one of our strongest assets.

But I get to look at our results and hear all the feedback from our clients, so thought I’d detail below 1 example of why I’m able to say we’re great at what we do. (more…)

The Value of Values

I have been wanting to write a blog with this as its title for a while now and having recently released our new website ( which contains our updated values, it seemed like now was as an appropriate time as any.

So, what are our company values? (more…)

Let’s make 2018 a year to remember!

In the west, we have just ushered in the new year for 2018, most of us are back or are due back at work, like it or not this is going to happen!

So, why not make it a year to remember! (more…)

What a Year!

What a 2017, our first full calendar year here at Advance. So, what have we been up to this year?

Well, firstly, we found our feet! We began the year having incorporated 9 months earlier in April of 2016. There was 6 of us, Myself, Mike Whitfield and a team of 4, all of us with some pretty ambitious plans. Focusing inwards, on our values, team and services we worked together to deliver an unequalled service with our values at the core!

With all this in place, we grew… rapidly! Seemingly every meeting being a huge success, we needed (more…)

The importance of a great team

Throughout my professional career I have always understood the importance of good team work and the value of the people that make the team. People are fundamental to the success of any organisation. Having always been part of an existing company with a different set of beliefs, it has been difficult to implement this ethos, however obviously important and crucial it appears.

When Simon and I embarked on our adventure over 18 months ago, we knew it wouldn’t be easy and that there would be trials and tribulations along the way. We knew we wanted to create something better – something that put our team at the heart of what we do. Something that amalgamated all our (more…)

Why Outsourcing works

Outsourcing is fantastic! A very “straight to the point” way to start a blog I know, but it is! Let me explain why…

I have been fortunate enough to Co-found Advance TM Group, this has been one of the more difficult, yet rewarding decisions I have ever made. Venturing into the unknown of a Directorship, risking everything on the belief that my Business Partner and I could create a company that would not only survive, but that could grow enough to not only sustain our livelihoods, but those of future colleagues, bringing together the best parts of our (more…)

The Power of Outsourced Lead Generation and Telemarketing

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this article as the age old saying goes time is money!

So you have had your latest sales meeting and it has been discussed that your sales team need more opportunities & face to face meetings. Whether it’s with specifiers, main / sub-contractors or end users, getting time in front of key decision makers is a fundamental requirement for your business, its future and its strategic long-term goals. This is not an uncommon dilemma that companies come up against within the construction sector and built environment, in fact we hear this all the time.

It is vital for every business to proactively promote their brand by raising awareness, driving demand and (more…)

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